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Welcome to the AJGaming Network Donation Store!

Please select the server category that you would like to purchase a virtual good for.

All Payments/Donations to the AJGaming Network Tebex Donation Store are handled by PayPal a secure and fast way to exchange money for goods on the internet. If you have any issues with completing a payment please feel free to contact an administrator via our discord or email:

Note: All sales are final and follow a strict no refund policy. Any attempt to chargeback or revoke a donation will result in an instant Permanent IP ban from our network.
This could also result in legal troubles when coming to donate to another server/network in future.


What do donations go towards?

All donations made to the AJGaming Network are used when upgrading our hardware and dedicated boxes. It is also used to develop our website, domain and file servers to keep the maximum uptime and high quality up-keep for all the servers that are hosted and created by AJGaming. We use top-notch hardware to ensure that your experience is the best possible, and therefore server costs are quite high. We use all of the money received from donations to fund this high end hardware. Any money left will be used to fund server expansions and upgrades to further increase the quality of your experience on AJGaming. 


Why should I donate to the AJGaming Network?

Donating to a Minecraft server may be new to some users. Here are a couple of things you should know about when donating or considering to donate to the AJGaming Network:

  1. Donations are for life. We do not offer any package or permission that requires a monthly or annually payment to keep or obtain within our version of this game. Once you have purchased a virtual good it is yours to keep and use as long as it abides by the rules set by the AJGaming Management board.

  2. AJGaming is constantly growing and requiring more hardware and power to keep us online. Running a Modded Minecraft server is very resource intensive and hardware is very expensive to keep running at the fast high quality regulations that we require. All donations help us keep our current hardware online as well as giving us freedom to upgrade.

  3. Donating to AJGaming would show us that you appreciate the project. Everyone in the AJGaming staff team works for free. Donating even a small amount would show us that you are still passionate about our server and projects and will allow us to strive forward to give you an even better player experience than before.